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Friday, February 03, 2006

Fujimamas Kona

Well, I have been here just under a week. Our company Fujimamas has our new location at Kailua Kona on the big island! just finished up, (or almost) rennovations. And getting everything localized for here in Hawaii. Menu is mostly the same as the tokyo flagship with a few things changed to reflect local ingredients and tastes. Gorgeous outdoor dining area and very funky space.

My job this week is to assist the owners and new management team in some PR legwork, and get the word out. It has been really fun. The Bar is especially exciting with a simple but dynamic drinks menu including some fantastic martinis and saketinis. I am certainly going to take some of the recipes back to the Tokyo Fujimamas. More shots of food and interiori on the way.

It has been exciting to learn about branching out and localizing a brand. And I am learning a lot. There are plans for other Hawaii locations and types of Fujimamas. And right now we are working on some of our own signature dishes and styles. Including, Fuji-Sushi! Soon we might be opening a Fujimamas BBQ joint as well!

very exciting!