you don"t need to save the crystal for a special day, even water tastes better in a "Fancy Glass"

Sunday, September 17, 2006

browsin the blogs

took some time after working brunch today to browse the food blogs I like, and those reccommended by the food bloggers I like... here is my round up

Learned more about the Bakers Edge pan from C&Z I especially liked the story about the pan as written up on the GILDED FORK.

and over at eggbeater- I enjoyed reading about the farmers market and enjoyed browsing the eggbeater bookshelf at powells.

I saw these shots and was wondering why I don't live near the Menlo Farmer's Market?!
Fall is the hardest time for me living in japan. I really miss the fall food from Pa. where I am from, and the whole idea of farmer's markets anywhere...

illustration at top from here

Friday, September 15, 2006

from Mr. Tea- my hero

Thought this was a great post over on Adagio Tea's newsletter "the Tea Muse" on what is the difference between the many basic kinds of tea- he is such a rascal...

Black tea, White tea, Oolong tea and Green tea all come from the same plant - the Camellia sinensis (also related to the genus Camillia parker bowles - second cousin, twice removed). The processing can be compared to my activities during Labor Day weekend:

Black teas are heavily oxidized, like Mr. Tea after a day at the tanning salon. Oolong teas are semi fermented, Like Mr. Tea after a day on the beach. Green teas are like Mr. Tea after an hour in the sauna and a 1/2 hour massage. White Tea? Like Mr. Tea after the spa, without a massage. Maybe a facial.

Red Tea is from a plant called the Red Bush. This tea, as well as all Herbal Teas, is called tisanes. They are not really tea, but like tea go very well with hot water and a mug, on a patio watching a sunset.

Now you know the difference between these teas, and have a clue as to how I spent my weekend. Now off to the drugstore with me - must find something for this horrendous sunburn.

Extra crispy,

Mr. Tea

I used to be a strictly black or green tea gal, but have been finding some great teas of all varieties that really suit different moods and times of day! We drink RedBush tea at night- no caffine! And one of my new favorites esp. with asian fusion food, is a really good jasmine. Tea is a great ritual and spiritual thing in our house. And I really enjoy "tea-time" at all different times of the day!

Monday, September 11, 2006

the Kitchen Diaries

I am still trying to get all my wine dinner photos together. Will share them with you all soon. IN the meantime, today I thought I would tell you about a book I am reading- experiencing really. Nigel Slater's The Kitchen Diaries. A gorgeous Heafty book, with a silk ribbon page holder, lovely photos and rich relaxed writing. I am browsing it day by day, as Nigel wrote it, and dreaming of more leisure time so I can actually try out some of his tasty recipes.

The Kitchen Diaries, is more like a daily love affair with food, markets, and yes the occasional battle with not wasting the things collecting in your fridge. It has been fun so far. he is quite charming a real. You can see more about the book on The Nigel Slater Site. I am reading in the Sept. section now. seems very lush and real. Not your average cookbook by any stretch. I want to get his previous book Real Food soon too.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

wine dinner countdown

The clock is ticking... today- tonight actually, in the restaurant I work in (Fujimamas) we are preparing for a wonderful wine dinner. We will be having winery owner and wine maker Alex Sokol-Blosser as our guest. And we will be serving a fantastic course menu paired with his wines.

As I type this, I am finishing the menus for printing, Our wonderful chef Mark Vann of Fujimamas Tokyo and Kona, Hawaii- is downstairs in the kitchen creating the wonders that our guests will get to taste tonight- we are making the table cards, planning the seating and generally doing the 1000 little things that go into this kind of event.

One of my very first fancy glass posts was about one of our wine dinners. They are truly wonderful experiences. I have some butterflies in my stomach- always the case before a big event. But I feel confident this one will be a winner.

We are Sold Out for seats tonight- and I think it will be successful... updates tomorrow. Thanks go to Orca International for bringing us the great wine maker and helping us put on this event.