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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

end of summer ramblings

It has been so long since I have paid attention to my dear fancy glass. And I have missed it greatly. What a crazy summer. Work Stuff, Travel to the new Restaurant in Hawaii, catching up on personal stuff and just plain swealtering in the Tokyo Heat have kept me from some of the things I really like to do for myself- like this blog.

But I am going to dive back in!

Another thing I am catching up on is listening to some of my favorite podcasts. Food and otherwise. One of my favorites in A fantastic food podcast EATFEED.COM!
And this morning I listened to a great podcast from july about Ice Cream. You can listen Here.

My favorite part of the show was about the fact that Penn State University, which is near my hometown, has a Creamery- and they sell their ice cream online! Wow. Now I am sure they will not send it all the way to me here to japan. But it would be fun to send this to friends and family for summer birthdays next year. Anyway- they have great fun flavor names, and a cute site at

They also talk about the old tradition of the Ice Cream Social- which I am thinking of doing somehow someday- As many of you know besides food, and my restaurant career I am also "into" politics. So I am thinking a huge Americans overseas Ice Cream Social in the 2008 election cycle might be a great get out the vote/ voter registration event?!

Ok, so ending my summer ice cream ramblings- promising to myself- and any of you who are reading this that I WILL be writing more often again from now!

more soon.