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Friday, June 12, 2009

Life's Been Strange


My life has been a bit odd in recent months, downright strange actually- so this fits right in.

I mean, I like Coke (probably more than I should) And I like Green Tea. But I never in a million years would have put the two together. Yet there I was, innocently looking for beverages and junk food in my local Tokyo Convenience store. AND... Green Tea Coke! And it is icky no-calorie coke too.

Well- it is not as disgusting as it sounds, mostly because all you can taste is the diet-zero-calorie chemicals. But this is not a combo that sounds or tastes good. So if you said ewww at my lovely photo, you were spot on.

I suspect this will be as popular as the coffee coke, which means not popular at all.

This is not "Coke and a Smile" territory.
oh well.
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