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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

world wide conference call with Barack

Last night I was on a conference call with presidential candidate Barack Obama. No secret here that I am a big supporter, but the call was open to anyone in Democrats Abroad that wanted to hear Barack, and learn more about him before the close of our first ever Global Primary which ends today on 2/12.

He spoke only briefly, but he addressed a lot of issues, domestic and foreign. I don't understand the cynics that say he can be short on details... he gave a lot of substantive commentary last night. It was a very good call. about 10 mins. And worth waiting up for at 12am. I was impressed with his hopes and plans for global development and his understanding of the hard road ahead to forge better usa relations around the world. He mentioned increased spending for education, talked about trade with developing economies, the new kyoto accords and much more.

I will be on pins and needles till this is decided and am really hoping for a blow out in the primaries in DC, Virginia, and Maryland in the next 24 hrs.

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