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Sunday, January 03, 2010

time to get organized and get rid of stuff

drawing from Writer in Waiting

A nice tradition in Japan is that so-called spring cleaning is actually done as New Year's cleaning. You start the new year as much as possible by cleaning house, paying bills, getting caught up. Actually you try to do all this by Dec. 31st so you can truly start the new year with a fresh slate. I was traveling till the end of the year so I am using this first week of 2010 to try to get some organizing done.

This month is likely to be rocky because of some unresolved stuff and money as usual, but I am determined to get the apartment more organized and cleaned up. Move stuff over to the admin office at the hacker space and get rid of stuff. I need some room to think. And the clutter here just makes that impossible.

Time to unload and get back on the simplfy track.

there are little irritating problems left right and center that I need to resolve. Hoping to get that all done by the end of January. That is the goal anyway. Today unpacked from the trip. Packed up a ton of geek wires, plugs, and gear. Unburied my desk. But still sooooooo much more to do.

Just have to do a little at a time till it is all done.

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marti said...

I am so with you...but my so called spring cleaning will take me until next spring if I actually accomplish all the "simplifying" that I really need to do...but hope springs eternal....