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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finding the ROOT

I have been cultivating a big love for all the DIY, indie craft, Hackerhouses, make it yourself, sell it and tell stories cultures that are springing up everywhere. We just got back from SXSWi where I went to a number of sessions talking about that kind of thing directly or tangentally.

And today I have a new passion. TO get a bottle of ROOT somehow here to Japan to serve in my tiny restaurant that will re-open in April. ROOT is made by the folks I just discovered, based in my hometown of Philly "Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" they have a shop, make art, clothes, support artists AND make a great organic Liqueur. Gotta get me a bottle.

Other recent things I need to find out more about are and THE NEWSPAPER CLUB, as well as THE KAHANI MOVEMENT. People doing awesome stuff because they love it and because they can. I heard all these folks talk about their projects at sxsw and was truly inspired.

Gotta get going on the MAKE-O-MATTIC project. And do some more DIY ideas myself. My want to do list is getting longer and longer.

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marti said...

so....does DIY mean Do it yourself?...loved the article...will try next weekend to see about Root out at Mt. Carmel...