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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Barcamp Tokyo May 2010

We had a great Barcamp again this year. 5/29. Just about a year from the last one. Barcamp is a kind of un-conference. Tech and community related where the partipants set the agenda. Free to attend usually due to a ton of gracious support and donations.

Barcamp has a big requirement though. Full and egaged partipation. Attendees lead the sessions throughout the day. On the big whiteboard in the photo above, session times are marked out and our group used post-its to write up a session title that someone would lead.

This year i could not attend for the FULL day due to work and puppy reponsibilites but i did lead a session on the one year timeline of our TokyoHackerSpace which is particularly relevent since our group was born from inspiration at LAST year's Barcamp.

Other sessions were on hardcore tech topics, community building, publishing, and even house squatting in Amsterdam.

Definately already looking forward to the NEXT barcamp.

Blogging on the run from my iphone, please forgive sloppy typing!


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