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Monday, January 02, 2006

Catching up on Christmas and New Year's Blogging

Being in the restaurant business means I do more serving of holiday meals than eating them. But I have to say, I really enjoy making people happy and bringing them a delicious meal when they are celebrating with family and friends. And my hubby and I do get creative about schedules and still find time to have some holiday fun ourselves.
Matthews Reserve
This year he came to the restaurant at 9pm after I had seated the last reservation group, on Christmas and we shared a great Christmas dinner. Roast Beef, Yorkshire pudding and mashed potatoes. YUM. We brought in a bottle of wonderful wine to have with dinner. A Mathews Cellars reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, from Washington state. It was perfect with the dinner. A little short in the finish, but really elegant and went terrifically with the roast beef.

Traditional Pork and Sauerkraut
For New Year’s Eve- We closed the restaurant at 7pm on 12/31… So, home I went to a tasty dinner. In my family back home in the states New Year’s traditions harken back to my Mother’s side of the family who were of German Decent or as they were known in Pennsylvania- "Pennsylvania Dutch" which actually came from the name for germany in german DEUTSCHLAND, not Holland!. Our new year’s dinner this year was just like I would have had with my Grandmother when I was growing up. Pork, Sauerkraut, Mashed potatoes… we forgot to get out the apple sauce but I also brought home some bisquits. Terri came over to enjoy New Year’s eve with us, she really enjoyed the dinner, And we had snacks, watched a movie and made popcorn after.

New Year’s Day- the restaurant is closed! this is the one day of the year we are not open... Chris and I Slept in Soooo late…. Ahhh.

Then we made Belgian waffles with strawberries. Perfect, decadent breakfast, Our little toasted sandwich and waffle-maker did not disappoint. Later it was out for a late lunch, and then we went to the movies to see KING KONG! I loved the movie, and I really think Peter Jackson is a genius. So all in all, my holidays included lots of hard work, but fun and good food with my husband and friend as well.


HubrisSonic said...

Where is "Hollad"?

HubrisSonic said...

I gave the Matthews a 4, it was young and lacked consistancy. I, however am not young and quite pretentious.

Terri said...

can I just say that the combination of the succulent pork (tasted like it had just been slaughtered-and I should know:-) and the creamy potato salad, with the excellent company and very well done movie made it a stellar NYs....

and last, but never least, perfect presents.


e! said...

Wow, the mastermind behind Fujimama's herself!

Just stumbled across your blog - I've mentioned Fujimama's TWICE on my page in the span of a month. (A blurb about Fujimama's Benedict available in "BEST. WINGS. EVER.")

Good food, nice ambience. Convenient location. Reasonably priced. Nice sense of community. Kudos to you!

Only request I'd like to make is to up the heating a bit. I was sitting close to the entrance, and it got pretty chilly...