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Friday, April 21, 2006

what to make?

running on empty
Foodies come in a few varieties... the cooking kind. (I used to be this kind) And the restaurant and eating out kind. This is what I am now. My husband and I, when we still lived in the USA were the cooking kind. We haunted the Reading Terminal Market, practically living there every weekend. And We cooked up a storm at home as well as going out.

BUT- living in Japan has been a challenge for cooking. There are some very big challenges. Kitchens are small and ill-equipped, Storage space is non existent, Refridgerators are small, and I can't read Japanese kanji very well so finding ingredients and know what I am buying has been very hard. On top of that, many ingredients are just different enough to wreak havoc on a USA scaled recipe.

So all of these challenges, combined with the fact that I work in a restaurant which has made bringing food home or eating a work an easy substitute for cooking from scratch has changed us and I miss the simple pleasures of cooking.

Today I stumbled upon You enter your stuff from what is in your fridge and your cupboard and it sends back some basic, simple stuff you can make from what you have right now. My fridge and cupboard are quite empty this week. We have eggs, milk, bread, and butter... but still some good things came back from my query. I think this type of site might be just what we need to get back to trying to cook some simple cozy stuff at home. I intend to give it a try and get back to you on the results next week.

If you are a beginning cook the site also features basic skills on SkillsBytheNumbers. We'll let you know what we think...

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