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Monday, February 12, 2007

thinking back to vienna

so just about two months ago- I was excitedly exploring and enjoying vienna and prague. this shot was from the MOST adorable bread stall in a christmas market in downtown vienna. What a wonderful experience. Now, with a little more distance from the whole thing I can say this was really really a happy discovery. Such a fun way to enjoy the christmas season, literally on every street corner and town square.

I really enjoyed the food, and especially the cafes/ coffee houses. What a fun pair of cities. I definately want to explore more holiday travel in the future. I also really want to take mom with us to vienna sometime in the future. My mom is a bigger christmas fan than me, and that is saying something. I know she would enjoy it.

So back to the food. Really- outside of the hotels we never had a bad meal. And the breakfasts at all our hotels were perfect. The food and the hot wine in the christmas markets was worth the whole trip. I highly recommend this kind of tour.
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