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Monday, February 05, 2007

visiting the kona brewery

More food news from Kona, Hawaii.
I am still here working happily in our Kona Restaurant. (will be back in tokyo in a few weeks I think...)
Last week the owner of the Kona Brewery and restaurant came in to dinner at Fujimamas. We use Kona beer both here in Hawaii and at the home restaurant in Tokyo. Chatting with Mattson the owner was lovely and I am hoping that when he visits Tokyo in May we can do a beer and food pairing dinner.

So he invited Chris and I over to the Brewery restaurant. We went on Friday night, and were treated wonderfully by the staff. The place was packed. a Big Highlight of the experience is to be able to try a Kona Beer sampler. 4 small tasting glasses.

we had, from left to right above...
Kona Big Wave
A new Lillikoi (local passion fruit) beer
the Black Sands Porter
the Hefeweisen which had a little bit of banana taste YUM

I loved both the lillikoi and the hefeweisen!

The restaurant was nice. good outdoor seating. And the pizza was good. All in all a lovely evening.
I am looking forward to doing more with the Kona Beer folks in the future.
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