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Monday, January 29, 2007

Dining over at the competition

So today, I have a cold.... which is no fun even in Hawaii. So I was laying low and taking it easy a bit. I had lunch over at the new restaurant Fish Hopper, down the street from our very own Fujimamas.

I tried their Fish Hopper combo.
here is the menu description....

Fish Hopper Combo 16.95 Fish of the day, jumbo shrimp, calamari with French fries, Island slaw.

it was a little pricey but basically fine. I was disappointed that they forgot my Island slaw... and when the waitress brought my meal she didn't say what kind of fish, or tell me anything about the dipping sauces. The food was fine. The fish and shrimp were much better than the calamari which was pretty tasteless. Great ocean views! really lovely,
and a nice space. But seemed un-inspired.

I think it would be fun for families and tourists. Staff kept the hall neat and clean.

But it just felt lacking... I wanted a bit more zing.

and 16.95 is a lot for lunch.

The company is very similar to ours. Family biz. only 2 restaurants so far. Seems like nice people, give to lots of charities and support sustainable fishing.

all in all a nice lunch, but I have to admit that my feeling when I left was that the experience was "lacking" there just wasn't the personality I was expecting. It felt a bit like a corp. chain even though it isn't...

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