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Friday, January 05, 2007

great travel advice

I signed up for these great web emails DAILYCANDY, and one of them is about travel... So, here was the travel advice they compiled from reader's submissions. I loved them... except the parents one. My Mom is great to travel with- so no need for a sep. car!

here is the list. and you can sign up for your own DailyCandy emails here

Splurge for ambiance. Sipping a drink at the Four Seasons in Milan during Fashion Week is worth the 20-euro vodka.

When in doubt, overdress. Nothing screams American more than a track suit with a catchphrase on the ass.

Never travel with parents unless separate vehicles are available. (Maybe even separate countries.)

Have Plans B and C ready in case palaces are closed for no apparent reason. Sometimes it’s a siesta. Sometimes it’s just Wednesday.

Take a digital picture of your luggage and keep it on your camera (print a copy, too) in case the airline loses your bag. Making a list of the contents of your suitcase is a hassle, but it will ensure your bag always makes it.

When you’re sharing a room with a friend/loved one you’d like to keep, take candles/matches.

Don’t be too swayed by international fashion trends. Just because that Barcelona baby can pull off the mullet/sneaker boots combo doesn’t mean you can.

Don’t forget souvenirs for your co-workers, especially those who had to cover for you. (Again.)

E-mail yourself your passport info, itinerary, credit card and bank numbers, and Plan B hotel info for each location. Hotels can look better on websites than in person, and it’s easier to walk away when you know where you’re going.

The street you are looking for is the one that’s missing the street sign.

You will get ripped off at some point. Don’t take it personally. Consider it your small contribution to the local economy.

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