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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tea is still "hot"

So if you have read the fancy glass before, or if you know me, you know I am a tea drinker! I like coffee well enough, and had a great time in the coffee houses of vienna at christmas, but at heart I am a tea person. Starting every day with a cup of tea is the only way to live. One of my first purchases in any new home is the tea kettle and two cups.

So I was happy to read in the flood of all the What is hot in the food world for 07 predictions, magazines, blogs... this little tidbit...


Tea will stay hot, in more ways than one. This steadily growing category keeps blossoming with new varieties of black, white, green, red and herbal, fueled partly by research findings that continue to link tea to good health.

Companies will be selling ever-more elaborate flavor combinations in supermarkets (Celestial Seasonings' Tropical Acai Berry and Goji Berry Pomegranate green teas are just two examples) as well as specialty shops (Teavana's green tea mojo contains cactus blossoms, rhubarb, guava and sunflower petals!).

Flowering teas - their leaves sewn together so they "blossom" when steeped - are hitting the mainstream too. Numi Organic Tea is just one company selling these floral beauties. Add to this the myriad iced teas and foods boasting tea as an ingredient (from ice cream to energy drinks) and it's no wonder that we'll continue to be steeped in tea.

_Renee Enna

Full story with other predictions Here
time to go pour another cup...

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