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Monday, January 22, 2007

guilty pleasure of watching TV

I don't watch tv in tokyo. We own one, but it recieves no channels and basically just serves as the screen for a dvd player which we do watch occasionally.I really don't like tv... But when I come to work at our Hawaii restaurant I do watch a couple of shows that I really love. One that I started watching just on this trip was TOP CHEF... and coincidentally enough, the season finale will be airing this week and next and was filmed here on the Big Island?! it was the last cook off between the final four contestants out of 12. And it was filmed in the Waikoloa hilton where chris and I stayed on my last trip over in October.

I am looking forward to seeing the show! If have never seen it, I reccommend it. It is on the Bravo Channel.

the other show i watch may seem even sillier... What not to wear. I love it, great premise, and lots of fun. That one is on TLC the learning channel.

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