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Saturday, January 06, 2007

2007 foodie heaven

The Phildelphia daily news has a good article of what is up and coming in 2007 in the food industry, including the bigging-up of the food blog world.

Power to the people; Restaurant critics still have paying jobs, but the general public has some serious clout thanks to food blogs, which are expected to explode into the tens of thousands this year. All it takes is a Web site and a night out at a local restaurant to get these cyber foodies chatting. Why? People are feeding their passion - and finding others who are just as gastronomically obsessed.

"For so long we were limited to a small number of critics, but the world of bloggers puts a lot of people out there," Page said. "There are more [dining-out] choices than ever before, so we need more information. People are finding other opinions in line with their own views."

read the full article that highlights new tastes and trends, the news in cocktails, and condiments and other fun predictions for 2007. there is even talk about sustainable produce and buying local!

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