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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

arriving in Kona

So I am back at our restaurant in hawaii, to work here a few weeks. One thing I am looking forward to is playing around a cooking a bit. Easier to get instructions, read the oven, HAVE an oven (I only have a toaster oven in Japan)

One I want to try was posted over on Is That My Bureka?
It is a very tasty looking sweet vanilla cornbread. I think I will make some tomorrow or thurs. he makes it look and sounds lovely on that blog. will let you know. Also want to make some veggie dishes, salads, and other stuff.

The restaurant looks great. I went down breifly today and then gave in to jet lag and went back to the house I am staying at to crash.

Tommorrow I think I will learn more about what my job will be this trip... it is a little different each time. Always fun and interesting but unlike my job in Tokyo when I come to the Hawaii restaurant, my role changes frequently.

more on hawaii and cooking on the next few days.

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Anonymous said...

hey there, thanks for the mention :)

hope you like it. i was pleased with the results when i tried it. beth's recipes are always good :D this one was especially easy and quick to prepare.