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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Huit; Wonderful Little Joint in My Neighborhood

One of my favorite neighborhood spots is a little french place called Huit. I love their 3 cheese plate, and the great pate' (above) it's a great homemade place- warm decor, fresh baked bread, and the staff knows us know so we get a good table and great service. YUM.

They have some great 1000 yen lunch sets too- with bread and tasty iced-tea.

This is a wonderful place to have a simple dinner, or to relax in the afternoon- with my e-mobile wi-fi device I can even hang out there and work on my laptop. It is quite cozy. The owners have also eshewed fancy interior design and done a real DIY deal on the place. Handmade wooden shelving, and mix and match tables and chairs add tons of charm. AND it is right along the river on a shady back corner, trees, and flowers... very lovely.

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