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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Back from the Snowpocalypse

I spent last week in Washington DC. arrived on wed. and was planning to stay till sunday but then the snows hit. And Hit Hard! It was a good trip with a few high and low points. I was there for the DNC meeting as a representative and delegate to the Democratic National Committee. I got to hear President Obama speak both Thurs and Sat. AND I got to shake his hand which was great!

The low point was- this weekend was also my mom's birthday and I was really looking forward to seeing her. She was going to drive down from Pennsylvania and hang out in DC with me- but then the snows came, and kept coming and coming. No driving, no good roads, no mom. :-(

We got to talk on the phone a bit which was nice.

Another high point- the city was gorgeous in the snow.
Low point the city was basically closed. I had been also looking forward to doing some museums and other fun stuff- but the federal gov. and all those types of attractions closed down on friday and never re-opened while I was there.

I came back to Japan, flying on tues. and just made it out of DC before the second huge snow storm hit. I hear they are still digging out. Back here in Tokyo we had some flurries and the temps are pretty chilly but this is a much more mild place to be in winter- and I am reminded of the things I DON'T miss from the north east. brrrr.

I got to go out to one ok restaurant Georgia Brown's - southern food. I loved my appetizer did not love the Jambalaya. It was some de-constructed version- which is a hard thing to pull off well. But it was ok.

Now back to real life, work, and play in Tokyo. Next month we are headed to SXSWi this time I get to go with Chris and that is much more fun!

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