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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Stuff I Like 8/4/2011

One idea I have had for a long time is just to occasionally post up a catch all of "Stuff I Like" I also want to make this into a Tokyo based online newsletter/ ap - perhaps this fall. Share some of the best of the best in Japan and online. But for a little trial- let's start with this...


Ominvore Books- this is an amazing food and cookbook oriented store in San Francisco. I went there last summer and it was amazing. I urge you to sign up for their newsletter and visit their site regularly even if you can't go in person to SF and visit them. The newsletter features great books and themes all the time. The events list always gives me good ideas for my own events, and the website and newsletter are fun, friendly and accessible.

All of the gorgeous gadget covers at 12South  these literary cases for Mac are the prettiest and most functional looking covers I have seen in an age. Expensive but stunning, I want the iphone and ipad ones for sure. (birthday hints)

For my Tokyo friends, head over to No8 Bear Pond/ On The Corner in Shibuya and try their Iced Latte in Jar. They brew very good coffee and then add the milk, ice and shake it like hell in a mason jar which makes this coffee foam at the top. So refreshing.

stay tuned for more stuff i like in the future!

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