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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Coffee Shops and Bridges

(poem a day challenge April 2014- prompt on 4/3 a message)

Rebuilding bridges
takes bricks, and time
and one message asking for
one latte and bringing along
many apologies.
Lined up to order
waiting for rich roast
and words.

I want to rush in to you and
throw myself at the feet of
friends feeling left out, hurt or
taken advantage.

Instead we polite awkward ones
sit and sip and I
try to explain what went wrong.
How I lost myself in the confusion of
trying too hard
and risking too much
over steamed milk and
soft words.

Hoping to cover the expanse
of distance and misunderstanding
with repairs and new chances
suspended wires and trestles
made of coffee grounds
and bricks of brown sugar.


1 comment:

Unknown said...

again….I see your concerns…your worries…are still there…couched in poetry….for all to read…and maybe understand……nice going…again.