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Monday, April 14, 2014

How I roll

That’s How I Roll (from my PAD challenge 2014 on writers' digest.)

I am not fashionable in sweats
but addicted to project runway
couture in my t-shirt on the catwalk

I want to travel light with
everything in heavy suitcases
leaving it all behind and taking it with me

Food is my life but cooking is not
though I dream of conquering
a culinary academy in my white chef’s jacket

If I could wish on a silver star, world peace
would be number one on my list
(or close to the top anyway) behind world domination

Christmas is definitely the best time of year
unless I see cherry blossoms, grape popsicles
or orange woolen autumn sweaters.

I am direct and straight-forward
you get what you see except when you don’t.

Don’t tell me I am contrary I am just me,
just myself And that is just how I roll.

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