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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

the madeline car & coffee on my day off

About a year ago we came across this cute french car, a citroen tricked out to be a cafe vendor vechicle. I found it at midnight one night in Daikanyama about a 15 min. walk from where we live. It was too late for coffee that night, but seeing the barista in the back of this amazing cafe on wheels I thought- "must go try their coffee someday..." I never got back there and then low and behold- today on my day off from the restaurant it was parked just across the street from my house in this little parking lot that has different vendors trucks for lunch and dinner everyday. As you can see from my photo collage the car itself is incredible. But the coffee!!! well all I can say is that it does the whole car and concept justice.

I had a cappuccino, chris had a macchiato The barista was charming and made a great cup of cafe! And I finally got to take pictures of this cute little beverage concept on wheels.

I imagine someday, if my restaurant never happens...I could be quite happy parking my cafe car, near a beach somewhere and selling coffees and juices to the beach-rats, surfers and snorkelers. Reading and listening to music inbetween brewing some great joe and closing up the car to go snorkling in the afternoon! nice to have back up plans... Or in this case, a get-away vehicle.

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