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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

window shopping in Brussels

In Keeping with my european thread of the last couple of days, Belgian chocolate, and a French inspired Cafe car... above are some snaps from another fun little stop I had on my weekend in Brussels. I saw this adorable little shop and had to go take a closer look. I pressed my nose up against the glass of Maison J. Dandoy's window, feeling just like a little kid out of some charles dickens novel. This biscuit and cookie bakery shop was so delicious to look at and breath in that I can evoke the sights and smells even two months later by just closing my eyes... Their speci-ality is Belgian Speculoos, spiced cookies available in many shapes and sizes. Often shaped in elaborate molds. You can see a good recipe for Speculoos at Epicurious and read a yummy thread about this wonderful biscuit at one of my favorite food blogs, Chocolate and Zuccini, from last year.

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