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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Fancy Glass RR (restaurant review)

Restaurant Review. Salvatore Trattoria Pizzeria, NakaMeguro Tokyo. I had a long tiring day yesterday and just wanted to go out with Chris my hubby and Terri my good friend who I am trying to make into a foodie... so we ate in at a wood oven pizza, and Italian near our apartment. We have taken out before but never had dinner in the restaurant. It was very good, and for once not overly modified for "Japanese" tastes. We had some mozzerella and tomato salad, Terri and I split a pizza with prosciutto, basil, fresh tomatoes and arugala- all wood fired, thin crust. Chris had a calzone. I got some yummy bites of that too. For dessert tiramisu and a riccotta cake. especially loved the pizza. Terri was still talking about it today!
on a 1-5 (5 being top marks)
Atmosphere= 3, nice and warm, but a bit non-descript. the outside doors and big ovens downstairs promised a more personal space than the dining room could deliver.
Food= 4 very tasty salad and a terrific pizza. Fresh and hot!
Dessert (which gets a catagory on it's own)= 2 I was underwhelmed. nothing new or especially decadent. The dessert sample plate looked nice... but just didn't delivery
Service= 4 they could have had full marks, we had two very nice italian servers. But things seemed a bit slow, and disorganized.
Would I go back? Definately, especially since it is in my neighborhood, but this wouldn't be one I would make a special trip to if it weren't so close by.
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HubrisSonic said...

i dont know, i find their pizza to watery. the top always falls off.

its good but...

Terri in Tokyo said...

my tongue was so surprised at the woodsmoke taste of the pizza, nothing else much mattered after that!:-) (not quite a foodie yet, but getting there). totally agree with the 2 on the dessert, nothing special at all, which is what I was hoping for...however, still recommended for the woodsmoke pie.