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Sunday, May 01, 2005

when is a scone NOT a scone?

When is a scone not a scone…?

The thing is, a few months ago I went to a cute café not far from my apartment. It is called “Gazebo.” Cute and attached to a great interior design shop… Anyway I discovered that gazebo had great scones! Served with honey, and butter and whipped cream and jam, in cute little bowls. This with a pot of tea and their little cow creamers (while writing this post I found a strange story of a cow creamer collection as well… hmmm?) was a dream to treasure on one of my days off from the restaurant. I enjoyed this little scone haven several times. And then I made the mistake and decided to try to share this wonderful scone discovery. Ever since I decided to tell people about the great scones and try to take them to Gazebo to have one with me, they have been sold out...

The thing is, you go there, building all this scone-expectation… and there it is on the menu. But when you ask the cute little lady it is GONE, SOLD OUT, she gives you the “No go” sign in Japanese which is making a little a “x” sign with your fingers.

So anyway, yesterday on my day off, I took my friend Terri to try the scone for one last hopeful attempt. As you can see from the photo above there were no scones. argh!

I could have had the waffle, or cake or similar sweet thing. But I chose to go the other way. A 180 degree turn - in protest! A scone is not a scone when it turns into a Corona and Cheese Fries on a warm-almost-hot spring day. Having sufficiently drowned my sorrows in deep fried carbs- I think I will get a scone recipe and make them at home!

In spite of this trauma- Gazebo is quite nice, cute and friendly looking out on to a good people and dog-watching street. And they have some good café food. And at least they still have the cow milk pitchers… but I will have to keep looking around the city to find my new scone haven.

Shibuya Ku Ebisu West 1-33-15


Sylvie said...

The L.A. Times posted a recipe this past week for Strawberry Scones. I posted it on my blog because it just appeared to be a good recipe. Haven't made it yet, but with your 'scone blues', thought it would interest you.

lauren said...

Thanks sylvie, by the way I loved the crawfish you wrote about!

becoming a foodie said...

dream scones:-)

lauren said...

they are/were real... seriously.