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Monday, May 02, 2005

Not the same old Caesar

Fujimamas Thai Caesar Salad.
The restaurant I work in, 170 seat asian fusion pioneer in Tokyo. Has just finished it’s 6th year in operation. In a city like this that is news. The credit largely goes to our Chef, Mark Vann
Fujimamas has lead the way on really innovative asian food, with a global influence.

One dish that has been around since the beginning and still is one of the favorites of regulars and new guests alike is our Thai Caesar Salad. (above) This Salad is so tasty and interesting that we get requests for the recipe all the time. The secret is in the Thai fish sauce, called nam pla added to the dressing recipe, and the other unique tasty addition… the crispy calamari we use instead of of the traditional croutons. I LOVE this dish. It is simple, still colorful, and delicious. One of my fall backs for lunch on a hot spring/summer day.
One note in praise of Fujimamas cuisine is that in spite of being a Fujimamas customer for many years, and now working there full time, I never get sick of the food. This is thanks go to our amazing kitchen team. I think after my run this morning, and in honor of a healthy spring, I will be having a Fujimamas Thai Caesar for Lunch today.

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becoming a foodie said...

yes to the Thai salad! I have had it with chicken, and the tastes and textures are very complex and enjoyable. It's hard to believe that extremely strong-smelling (in concentrate) sauce makes such a delicious dish!