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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Special-tea! Tuesday

Besides obviously being into food and fancy glass beverages… I am super passionate about TEA. Black, Green, Blends, even some herbal--- though I am not into flowery herbal teas.

I love the process of making tea. The boiling, steeping, pouring, sipping- all reach somewhere deep in my soul in a very satisfying way. If you want to know more about what I mean there are some great books, companies, and tea gurus out there. One place to start would be the zentrepreneurs over at the "Republic of Tea" where you can find out about the tea mind and how to do what you love for a living. A big company now, but one that started with small tea-dreams and built them into big tea realities.

“Special-Tea” will be a regular First Tuesday edition of the Fancy Glass.

So to kick things off… 5/3/05

Let’s talk about “teany.” At this time I can only speak to the book and the website as I have not been to NYC recently. But when I go there I will be sure to make it to the “teany café." What is “teany”? It is the vegetarian tea café and shop and beverage company of Moby, and his partner Kelly. A place on my go-to list the next time I make it from the big-sushi-roll to the big apple. For now it was fun to play around on their very well done website. Delicious looking menus too.

In the meantime I am enjoying vicariously because- they wrote a great book!
“Teany Book: Stories, Food, Romance, Cartoons and, of Course, Tea”

It has some yummy recipes, funny stories, and great info about tea, it’s health properties, it’s deliciousness, and a bit about the tea-life. I especially found the section about decaffeinating your own tea very interesting. (pg 32) Who would have thought it was that easy. Apparently caffinine is released from your tea leaves in the first couple seconds of contact with water. So instead of buying fancy decaffeinated teas- you can just

1. make tea as you normally would
2. let it steep for 45 seconds
3. dump out the liquid
4. add hot water to the leaves again and steep as you normally would.

What you are left with in your second cup/pot of tea is decafe!
According to moby and Kelly “Easy. Cheap. Fun. Decaffeinated!”

Some other fun highlights cover- tea as---
A puffy eye treatment
A chamomile and lemongrass hair rinse
Tea baths and more!

A fun read while you sit sipping tea at home or in your favorite teahouse or café. More on tea, Moby and other stuff in the future.


becoming a foodie said...

go Moby! this is very cool...but I don't much care about the health concerns of caffeine. I don't drink coffee much, but I'm getting into tea, and the concept of decafe just doesn't appeal to me. I want the energy. I'm going to have to balance it with other healthy lifestyle, I guess.

you're right, the teany site is great fun!

lauren said...

power to the people cause the people want - tea!