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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Fancy Glass RR Kaffir Lime, Tokyo Japan

RR (restaurant review) Last night, we went out to one of our local small places near to the restaurant I work in. Kaffir Lime is a very good, small, busy thai restaurant. About 25-30 seats. Almost everyone on staff, here at this friendly place, is from Thailand originally. Certainly all of the kitchen staff are Thai. The dishes are small, well seasoned and wonderful. Really makes you feel like you are in traveling in south-east Asia. One of my favorite things about thai food is that, though often quite spicy it is not the kind of dominating spice that you find in Hot chili sauce etc. It is spicy without killing the other flavors in the dish.

We started out with one of our favorite dishes, pictured above. It is a crispy-spicy fried egg, in a great sauce, with chilis and nan pla. We enjoyed this with Thai sticky rice. We also had a tasty garlic and pork dish as well as a steamed fish with a fantastic lemongrass and mushroom sauce. We washed it all down with Chang Beer from Thailand with the white elephant label. (chang means elephant in Thai)

Go here for a great page of Thai food recipes including how to make sticky rice!

REVIEW (1-5 points 1 being lousy 5 being great!)

Atmosphere- 4.5 This place is practically perfect. Fun Thai movie posters on the walls, warm rich wood interior. Tin cups, baskets and silverware imported from Thailand. The only thing that stops this from being a 10 is that I wish it were not quite so cramped. I also love the bright orange t-shirt uniforms that brighten up the whole space.

Food 4.5 We have always loved the food here! So yummy. The steamed fish was the only new thing we tried this time. And it certainly did not disappoint. Loved the fried egg dish, as always.

Service 4.5 warm, friendly, and fast. Couldn’t ask for much more. The only thing I would change is that the check on the table while eating always seems an imposition to me.

Dessert NA Had dessert back home, cookies and tea… next time maybe we will try the restaurant dessert.

Kaffir Lime
Jingumae 6-1-5.
Open noon-3, 5:30- 10pm (LO). Closed Sun. lunch, Mondays.

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