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Monday, May 23, 2005

Oreo Memories

It has been to busy to go out much these days, So all my food adventures have been from the restaurant I work in! today’s feature is our new dessert, the Frozen Oreo Cookie Mousse. This delicious concoction is more like a nougatine than a mousse, but so delicious nonetheless. The Japanese traditionally do not like desserts as sweet as a lot of folks in America, preferring a more European tradition of richness without the sweetness being the main component. This dessert is sinfully rich but the sweetness is subtle and balanced.

I love the plating on this one. I hear there are whole courses just on presentation in many cooking and pastry schools. This Book on plated desserts is one I have been eyeing for a while on I think the colors and shapes on our oreo dessert above, are very appealing. I shared this one with my best friend and it was more than enough to share. The raspberry sauce and crumble cookie dust on the plate were so nice that if you were at home instead of in a restaurant you would surely be tempted to lick the plate. Which according to this site is a great way to get out of a date you are not enjoying.

Oreo cookies have been used in lots of dessert recipes in recent years. offer lots of reader submitted examples.

And on the Oreo cookie web site you can send cookie e-cards, and even compete in a jingle contest. And of course the Oreo Cookie Personality Quiz.
Oreo Memories

one of my favorite uses of the Oreo was in Politics. At true the oreo is used to explain the national budget!

Some Oreo Trivia!
Oreo’s debuted in 1912
Nabisco stands for The National Biscuit Company and started in 1898 as several baking companies merged
The oreo of today is very similar to the original cookie of 1912
Over 362 billion Oreos have been sold since the cookie was first made

Time to go get some milk and cookies!

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