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Monday, May 09, 2005

Fancy Glass RR

restaurant Review- KUPU KUPU
Takadanobaba, 2-13-9 TEL&FAX 03‐3208-5290

Time for another restaurant review on the fancy glass… Chris and I went out to meet a new friend of his Sean. Sean’s mom MaryEllen is visiting him here in Japan and so he organized a little party for her at a restaurant in Takadanobaba Tokyo. (an interesting little student area near Waseda University) MaryEllen is the proprietor of a B&B in Vermont The Heatherstone and a real foodie from way back. It was a pleasure to meet her. Our thanks to Sean for setting up the event.

The restaurant was Kupu Kupu website is only in Japanese. sorry / Less than 20 seats. Cute little place. Interior was warm though a bit nondescript. The photos show my favorite dish of the night. It was Chicken Wings, stuffed with ground chicken, green onions and glass noodles. And served with a hot and sweet sauce. Very tasty. Sean told us that the lady who runs the place, She was an interesting artsy looking older Japanese woman, Used to have people over to her home all the time for parties, and finally decided to make a business of it. There was a charming mix of plates and serving dishes. The popcorn on the tables as bar snacks in the beginning seemed a bit incongruous, though I enjoyed eating the popcorn anyway.

Our fellow dinner companions were and interesting bunch. The eel guy, with a phd and a book to his credit all about pacific sea eels…A nice Japanese family with a child star daughter who was 6, and very precocious…. A ad sales guy…. And one of my old customers Kaori, from my former restaurant job as General Manager of Roti. I did not know she was going to be there or that she knew Sean… small world.

Dinner was a sesame salad, an interesting tuna, avocado and tomato dish that did not photograph well, bread and a chutney, and the forementioned chicken wings.

From 1-5
Atomosphere 2.5 – not unattractive but really nondescript. The owner is so interesting it would be great if she would let some of that show in the interior.

Food 3.5 very tasty. I would like to go back and try the rest of the menu ala carte, as thjs was preordered. It would be nice to try more of her food.

Dessert- We didn’t have any I am afraid.

Service 3.5 Very good, nice owner chef lady. Could have been a bit more interaction. But quite nice

Would I go again. yes, I don't know if I would make a special trip to that area of town to go, but when I am in Takadanobaba again, I would certainly go back. I would like to try their ala carte menu.

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