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Friday, May 13, 2005

Fancy glass Friday 05.13.05

The Ubiquitous Cosmopolitan…
Ok, ok, I know cosmopolitans are everywhere, they are as common as the Singapore sling was in the 30’s and the martini in the 50’s … but just cause something hits it big, does not mean you should disregard it outright. I refuse to kick the cosmo to the curb just because of the over popularity induced by those broads on "Sex in the City." Which, according to some sources, was the start of the recent cosmo-craze.

Cosmopolitans are fun, and they taste good. Ours, from Fujimamas, pictured above is quite festive. It is a great way to kick back, the taste is sweet and sour in just the right ratio. And very refreshing. Best point is, they ALWAYS come in a fancy glass!

Cosmopolitans are so popular now that I even found cosmopolitan jelly beans in this new line of sweets called “cool beans.” And believe it or not-, this product is already available in Tokyo! Saw them last week at the foreign import supermarket called National Azabu. I Will have to give them a try sometime soon, and the mojito ones maybe too!

Cosmo history - (From the cool beans site) this to sum up…

“cosmopolitan history ~ The story of the Cosmopolitan’s origin is a mystery, however, it was probably NOT first concocted at a biker bar in rural Nebraska. The rest is left to your imagination, and to your favorite cocktail shaker..”

1 1/2 oz. vodka (the better the vodka the better!)
1/2 oz. Cointreau or Triple Sec
Splash of lime juice & cranberry juice
Shake with ice,
Serve up in a chilled Cocktail glass, Garnish with lime.
(in our case a twist!)

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