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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Light lunch at home.
Working at home today. Doing some basic stuff on web menus for the catering company, as well as catching up on some other outstanding projects. Also took an hour break to clean up my bookshelves and get ready for a book sale fundraiser in June…

So while all that is going on, of course I got a bit hungry. Late last year, a cute little bakery called Naif opened up around the corner from me. So today instead of stressing over going out for food, or what to make or eat- I grabbed a wonderful mini loaf of olive and sweet roasted pepper bread. This with a jar of feta cheese and a dipping bowl of delicious olive oil hand carried from Greece and given to me by our Shinnyo-en Buddhist monk friend Tony- who's family grows olives and makes olive oil. I sprinkled the oil with a little coarse sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, and I had the makings of a great, little, light lunch.

The bread was a little softer crust than I normally like, but quite tasty. The sweet peppers were perfect. And the fantastic 'tony-olive-oil' brought out all of the flavors perfectly! I was going to save some for my hubby, but looks like I will need to go get more for him later.
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becoming a foodie said...

Ha! I gotta go virtually run and get Tony to post here!:-)

all the olive oil he gave me is gone...

lauren said...

I still have some left. Saving it for good bread. When does he go to greece again? We need him to bring back more.

This is a slow food kind of thing... his family's brand. We should help him get this going overseas.