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Friday, May 13, 2005

Restaurant: Carman's Country Kitchen

Well, my idea was to reminisce and think about great food in Philadelphia - the place I last called home in the USA. One of my favorite places for breakfast, was Carman's - I told some friends that I wanted to write about it and my best friend back home sent me a link of a story that low and behold just came out about this terrific, unique, place.

Restaurant: Carman's Country Kitchen
you do need to sign up to get an account on the Philly page but the story is good and really sums up Carmen's style.
great little view of Carman's

Actually there is a place that is similar here in Tokyo... though it is a dinner place not breakfast. Bourbon street in Roppongi.
a good link about Bouron street and it's eccentric owner Sohan!
Bourbon Street Review
Bourbon Street homepage

What makes both these places special to me, is they are the dreams become reality of professional food people who love their place, love food and love what they do, and you can feel it in everything they serve! I highly recommend if any of you world travelers are in Philly Or Tokyo to make these two spots, Must visits... They are small places, special gems that you will never forget.

I would love it if any readers here would post about similar spots they have been to so I can add them to my must visit list. You know, tiny 10 seater joints that are all about the owner's passion for life. And their skill at making meals you will never forget.

I wish I could go to carmen's this weekend for breakfast... hope all the "varying relevancy" folks out there will go for me and comment here about it... in the meantime, I think after payday I will make a reservation to go see Sohan and relax over some great Cajun food.

taste and see for yourself at;

Carmen's Country Kitchen
1301 South 11th (at Wharton)
Bourbon Street
7-8-16 Roppongi, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 106-0032
Tel: (03) 3478-8473

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