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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sushi at home

Living here in Japan, and visiting friends and family back home, it has been interesting to see how Japanese food makes it way to the states, and then even sometimes returns back to Japan somewhat changed.

Some examples are the rise in Traditional Sake sales and green tea sales in the USA- and then the creation of original cocktails stateside using these items that are now returning and are served in Asian fusion restaurant back here in Japan. Also note the introduction of green tea based items at the uber-popular starbucks.

When Most americans think of Japanese food, a big thing that they think of is Sushi. But here there are still often misconceptions. Sushi is NOT raw fish- that is sashimi. Sushi is a way of preparing rice with a vinegar. It is easy to make at home and then is used to make sushi rolls with fish or veggies or any other ingredients you like. Or Sushi rice can be used in negiri sushi, the little hand formed rice balls with fish or other items arranged on top. You can read about making some basic Japanese foods including sushi rice at home here.

More interesting reading via the Sushi Chronicles includes the History of Sushi. Short but interesting read. Enjoy!

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