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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Disney as a leader takes a stand on marketing junk food for kids

Recently as some folks who know me, know-- I was very disappointed in the Walt Disney co.'s via ABC's right wing ties in producing the TV propaganda piece "Path To 9/11" but I am also fair enough to give credit where credit is due. Disney is taking a HUGE stand, and fantastic steps forward on dealing with America's peddling high fructose corn syrup and saturated fats to children.

from the NYTIMES
Disney Says It Will Link Marketing to Nutrition
Published: October 17, 2006

Buzz Lightyear and Lightning McQueen will not be endorsing junk food much longer.

Walt Disney, addressing the growing concerns of parents over child nutrition, said yesterday that it would curtail the use of its name and characters with food items that did not meet new nutritional standards. The new guidelines would limit how much sugar, calories and fat could be in snacks and foods marketed by companies that Disney has licensing relationships with.

The move, which comes at a time of mounting worry about childhood obesity, is likely to put pressure on the company’s competitors to follow suit. Left outside the scope of yesterday’s initiative was any mention of the considerable advertising for junk food products that is carried on Disney’s television networks, especially Toon Disney and ABC Kids.

But the policy change was broadly hailed by food industry experts, who saw it as an important statement in the increasingly vocal debate over what parents want their children to eat and what the food companies are trying to sell to them.

You can read the rest of the story here. (though you need to register.)

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