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Sunday, November 05, 2006

who are they kidding?

The Japanese government, in an act of true hypocrisy- is complaining about Japanese restaurants overseas that they say are not really good enough to call themselves Japanese! Why is the hypocrisy- Because Japan if FULL of fake or Japanified Italian, French and American restaurants as well as any other cuisine you can name. Food "Adjusted" for Japanese taste... I understand the idea of Certifying those you think are good- but agressively attacking those restaurants that you think aren't Japanese enough... Seems just wrong.

Here is the story from AP.

Japan planning crackdown on food-fakers worldwide
Sat, November 4, 2006

TOKYO -- Are the chefs slicing the raw tuna correctly? Is the rice sticky enough?

Tokyo is launching a crackdown on restaurants abroad that bill themselves as authentic Japanese, but fall short of Japanese culinary standards.

A panel of food experts was appointed Thursday to discuss a certification system that would presumably certify restaurants that serve dishes served in the true Japanese tradition.

The system would promote "authentic Japanese culinary culture" abroad, according to the Agriculture Ministry.

"There are many restaurants overseas that call themselves Japanese, yet use culinary techniques and ingredients far removed from those of authentic Japanese food," said a ministry statement.

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bnjammin said...

I definitely agree with you there. Maybe it's because I'm Chinese, but I think there's nothing wrong with Korean/Japanese restaurants, and I think the standard of "authentic Japanese culinary culture" is one that's not only hard to define but that many Japanese chefs would probably fail.

-bnjammin (