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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

exciting events on the horizon

Well, the election is behind us! WHOO HOO. the dems did great and there was much celebrating- "We drink from the keg of glory, Donna... Bring me the finest muffins and bagels in all the land." ...

And in the rest of my life the fall-food season is jumping into high gear. This weekend my friends over at Orca International are helping me launch the Fujimamas saturday school. A tribute to the Hip Tasters program in San Fran. We will be doing Sat. School classes. this first one is on how to gain confidence in blind tasting. telling your wines apart without seeing the labels.

Also, this week, I finished my first piece for the new to launch in dec. Being A Broad magazine. (published by the dynamic and wonderful Carolyn Pover) this is a mag. that will be targeted to foriegn women living overseas. My piece was on a few reccommendations of Sweet Indulgences that women can treat themselves to during the crazy-care-for-others holiday season. I will post the info when the magazine comes out.

AND I am fast into working on another piece- about cooking in IBK's or Itty Bitty Kitchens, with a review of a book by the same name.

Then NEXT week. we are into THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!! My restaurant has already take reservations for over 450 people for our 4 seatings on thurs. and fri. PLUS caterings pick ups and deliveries... we are up past 500 portions! WOW this will be the biggest year ever. Will report as we go along. We officially start serving Turkey Lunch from thurs. 16th... and gear up from there.

Our Democrats Abroad group will also have a thanksgiving party on Wed. night before thanksgiving... so I am going to be triptophaned out...

Should be a fun two weeks.

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