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Friday, June 29, 2007

Looking forward to this one...

I admit it, I love disney movies, and especially pixar movies. I have loved all of them, toystory, bug's life, especially the incredibles...

So as you might imagine, being a pixar fan and a foodie-- i am looking forward to their newest offering; Ratatouille is a not to miss for sure! I have seen the previews, and love the concept. But today this story on a Philly news culture site I go to, really made me smile.

Do ratatouille right- Disney film cooks up interest in classic eggplant-tomato stew

PERHAPS THIS IS the year we credit an animated rat with teaching us how to spell ratatouille.

Remy, a foodie rat who would be a chef, and ratatouille, the famous French dish, star in the Disney animated adventure arriving on screens tomorrow.

Once you see "Ratatouille" with our hero rat-chef in a grand Parisian kitchen filled with copper pots and tall toques, you might want to cook some at home. read the full story here...

and see the preview and read more on the Homepage!

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