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Friday, June 15, 2007

Tonight we went out instead of cooking on the porch. We tried a nice place I heard about, down in Capt. Cook called the Keei Cafe. It was pretty tasty stuff. for a starter we sharead a shrimp, brown rice, and coconut cakes. (think crab cake and risotto) it was quite delicious.

then for my main I had a brazilian Seafood chowder, and chris had the local ahi with veggies and a passionfruit ginger sauce. and for dessert (bottom right) we had a banana pineapple breadpudding with a passionfruit & strawberry sauce. The restaurant was clean and nice. I didn't like the art much... and we had seats on a terrace looking out over the mountain and down to the ocean 20 mins away. Nice staff, very professional. Our server was BOB, and he was very good.

I hear they do breakfast on the weekends, so we might want to check that out too, and captain hook seems like a nice little place to explore.
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