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Sunday, October 28, 2007

what to do... what to do....

So, my problem used to be, when I imagined owning a restaurant -- I couldn't decide what kind of place I wanted to have, what it would look like, what the menus might be... I just wasn't sure or I lacked the confidence to articulate my ideas.

That has not been my problem for a while now! in fact I have 3 really solid concepts, ideas in my head- down to the LOGOs and at least a rough sketch of the menu ideas. BUT --- No idea yet how and where to put them into practice. Our plan was to be in Hawaii before the end of next year, and be thinking about what comes next--- But with the hubby getting a great new job, and the need to really buckle down and save $$$ for whatever the next thing is- all my ideas are burbling around and on hold. Not a bad situation to be in I supposed. but it feels kind of weird. two of my ideas are on the sort of trendy-side and I am afraid that I will miss a window of really possible popularity with them- but I guess it would be better to miss a window than invent a great idea with a short shelf life. so the waiting may do me good.

Just got a good look at one possible logo for one of our ideas this week. And it is so good! the logo I mean- that I am itching to work on the design and business plan. I guess nothing is stopping me from working on it. hmmmm?

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