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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cheers from Les Hydropathes

This was a delicious evening. We went to one of our favorite little spots a Belgian restaurant in Shibuya. They have a GREAT beer menu, loads of different kinds in bottles and on tap. The two we tried on this evening were a Raspberry Lambic Beer and a Blonde. (the blond was a double glass potion- check out the picture below! ) The store is called Les Hydropathes.

I love fruit beers, on another trip there recently I had a peach lambic, also delicious!

They must have about 40 different types of beer. All from belgium, and the staff are also fun and friendly. Strangely this little gem is in the basement of a department store. There is also a great book store on that level that has art and design books it is called Logos. Good stuff.
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