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Monday, November 26, 2007

Post pie round-up

Well whew! that is behind us again for another year! The restaurant I help run does a BIG thanksgiving business every year. Very tasty, and Very Popular. You see it is a big thing for us, providing away-from-home-americans a little holiday cheer. Most people do travel to their home countries for Christmas-- or go visit friends. But very few folks can get home for Thanksgiving AND Christmas. So we provide a traditional thanksgiving feast. reservations only.

It means a lot to us. We keep the cost low and the Comfort food level high. And we sell out. Every year.
this year was no exception, and now on the Sunday after I am just recovering. We serve turkey lunches for a week, turkey caterings, turkey take outs and 4 full seatings for dinner on both Thurs and Fri. nights.

The team held together well, though by the fri. night second seating the stress was starting to show. Everyone kept their good spirits though, and the food was delicious and well recieved.

Many restaurant people complain about working the holidays. But I look at it as a chance to celebrate with a really big extended family.

Our Hawaii location also did about 100 people for dinner on thanksgiving day.

I am proud that we could help people enjoy their holidays. And I admit I am a bit tired and happy to put it behind us for another year.

the Tally in Tokyo
725 or so Total meals
about 50 pumpkin pies
and 600 Kilos of Turkey!
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Heather said...

Amazing! How very lucky those people are who got to feast on your American traditional Thanksgiving feast. So nice!