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Thursday, November 01, 2007

cost cutting and profit mongers endanger all of us


I have long suspected that as the saying goes, "money is the root of all evil" except I think it would be better stated Greed is the root of all evil. Scandals concerning product saftey have abounded this year in China, the USA, here where I live in Japan. And the root of the problem is that the owners are just plain greedy. It is not enough to make millions, they want billions... and they put their reputations and the health of the public at risk. It is the same with all kinds of product, there is no longer a sense of pride at a good product and a happy customer. And it is not enough to make a good living, owners of corp. chains want to be mega-weathly. And they don't care how they get there.

the latest scandal just breaking in japan involves the japanese company that runs Mr. Donut.

Japan's food safety scandal hits Mister Donut TOKYO
- A widening Japanese food safety scandal hit an internationally popular doughnut chain on Wednesday, with Mister Donut acknowledging it used out-of-date syrups in some of its drinks earlier this year.

Mister Donut - the iconic franchise launched in the United States in 1955 and brought to Japan in 1970 - served "Fruity Milk" drinks made from expired melon-and strawberry-flavored syrups at shops across Japan, its operator Duskin Co. said.

The syrups, some almost 30 days past their expiry date, were used to prepare 1,075 servings of Fruity Milk sold at 181 Mister Donut outlets, according to Duskin spokesman Akira Kita. The drink was pulled from stores Wednesday.

Read the rest about this, the latest in world-wide bad business practices- here.
Consumers need to stand up for their rights and saftey and governments need to severely punish companies that break the public trust for increased profit.

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