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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Another Budapest Memory

This was a lovely bottle of Hungarian wine. Pinot Noir from 2005. It was chosen to go with a luscious dinner at Gundel. My hubby and I managed to take of this bottle and some glorious dessert wine (which is sure to get it's own post later.)

This had classic pinot characteristics. A little less fruity perhaps than some of the Oregon and Sonoma pinots, but nice structure and it went perfectly with his duck and my goose liver. It was chosen for us by the Sommelier- a wonderfully on target, and professional fellow.

Some tasting notes; (from their site)
Thummerer Tekenőháti Pinot Noir 2005
Deep coloured red with the typical spice notes of the variety. Elegant at the same time full-bodies, it was aged in second-generation oak barriques.
The duck dish was-- Pink-roasted Duck Breast with Golden Tokaji Raisin, Apple and mashed Potato and my dish was the famous Grilled Slices of Goose Liver on Rösti Pedestal with baked Apple and Wild Cherry-Tea Sauce

Gundel, by the way, is the most famous restaurant in Budapest. more on that later.

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