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Friday, January 02, 2009

Czech's Can Cook Some Pretty Great Duck

I expect to be reliving and writing about my 2008 Christmas holiday trip over the next few weeks as the fancy (glass) strikes me. There was so much fun and food related frivolity it will take some time to get my reflections up on the blog.

The trip this year went like this-- Prague-Vienna-Budapest. So we started out in the lovely city of the Charles Bridge, The Astronomical Clock, and delicious duck. Roasted, grilled, confit(ed), braised, in soup, with dumplings, the Czechs know how to make duck.

On the first night, jetlagged and exhausted, we checked into our gorgeous little hotel, the Alchemist Residence Nosticova in the Little Quarter-- and at the recommendation of the girl at the desk we found ourselves in THE BLUE DUCK, (U Modre Kachnicky) a little old fashioned place around the corner.

I had traditional potato soup, and then the Roasted duck glazed with honey and apple brandy, served with raisins, apples and potato kisses. All shown in the picture above along with a little blue duck in the window sill next to our table.

It was a bit more formal than we had requested from our receptionist, but It was well prepared. The place was pretty old school, down to the casio tunes fella playing old Frank Sinatra tunes and medleys from musicals over in the corner. But it was a delicious first night. They have many different duck dishes on the menu and I imagine they are all good.

Fancy glass review-- (wow haven't done one of these in a long time)

FANCY GLASS RATINGS (on a scale of 1-5)

Decor 4 FGs Very nice, elegant if a little crowded with antiques, still a nice atmosphere.

Food menu 4 FG

Wine Menu --Big Book, but not much help with the deciding-- 3 FG

Service, Friendly, Professional, a bit old fashioned. 3 1/2 FG

Overall impression one of old world elegance, a bit stuffy, a bit over done, but tasty and friendly.

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