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Thursday, October 07, 2010


Friends, Not-so friendly folks, Goals, Successes, Failures, Resolutions, Business Plans... It can all be a big wrestling match.

There is a lot of struggle in running your own business. A lot of wondering if what you think you should do is really what you should do and then thinking about what you should do do when you should really do something else... confused?

Me too.

Anyway each day is kind of a struggle. Setting out what needs to be done and wrestling my schedule into submission so that things actually get to where they need to be is the biggest struggle. Some days I come out on top. Some days I don't and frankly SOME days it is a draw.

Yesterday was one of those draw kind of days. Stressful stuff and then ended on an awesome night with my Small Biz Women's Group- some up some down some in between. Finding a balance and then getting up and starting over the next day is a huge part of the requirement in doing this. Trying to keep up my energy is a big part of the challenge.

The good news is win, loose or draw, I learn something new about myself and life every day.

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