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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Today is Thanksgiving here in Japan. Tomorrow for my friends and family back home. It is a time that I cherish and love. I love feeding homesick Americans here in Tokyo. I love my husbands unquenchable hunger for Turkey- he eats it the whole week long during this special time. And I love reading all the thankful thoughts around the world via facebook, twitter, emails etc.

I also love the time and inspiration to be grateful for all the bounty in my life.

This year I am thankful for...
the support of so many friends and family, emotional, financial, and physical
my health and the health of my loved ones
my little puppy Archie who has made this year so much more fun
the fact that my company and my restaurant are still hanging in there in the continued worst economy in my lifetime
for friends near and far
for the chance to exercise my right to vote, to dissent, to speak freely and to work for causes I believe in
for the Hackerspace and the new things I am learning there
for inspiration
for creativity
for knowledge and the chance to have more of it
for great wine and food
and dreams of future travels

and for all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving

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