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Friday, November 05, 2010

Looking up

Well, things are still a bit of a roller coaster, with small biz ownership- money thin on the ground and lots of work to do that just seems to keep piling up on my desk and in my brain. BUT- I feel like things are looking up. I am trying to take time out to plan for the horizon and figure out ways to become sustainable (personally and professionally) I am in a group coaching class with fab coach Anna called Clean Sweep- and it is helping. Just maybe need more time to implement. This week is closets! lord knows I need help there!

the weather and Archie walks have been gorgeous and yesterday he discovered Soccer balls! Oh My! he is actually a pretty cute little soccer dog. too funny.

This weekend has whirlwind written all over it! Should be exciting.
-Few Craft Sale
-Live Music at kimono w/ Coyote
-Brunch yummy as always!

and a lot of work to plan and set up for Hackers on a Plane! 
back at it.  But Looking Up For sure!

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